6 Male Behaviors That Are Only Romantic in K-dramas

There are some bizarre behaviors that Okay-drama has normalized which might be scary however one way or the other look cute when Korean actors do it. Nigerian males can’t attempt it as a result of it should finish in tears. Listed below are seven of these issues.

1. Again rides

Sorry, but when a Nigerian randomly carries me on his again, I am going to suppose he desires to kidnap me. What sort of yeye romance is that this, please excuse me?

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2. Pulling you onto the bus

Why are you rubbing your sweat on my physique within the identify of romance? Why are we inside Danfo within the first place? The buses in Korea are cute and romantic, however the ones in Nigeria will solely convey insults and struggling.

3. Appearing like an fool for no motive

That absurd factor Okay-drama males do the place they act imply to you, regardless that they such as you. If some Nigerian does this and your child finds out he is bullied her simply because he likes her, do not be.

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4. Holding you tighter if you say no

When it isn’t such as you use jazz. What would make you escape the beating of your life? If a cat Naija tells you she desires to interrupt up and also you hug her whereas she screams no like they do in Okay-dramas, no matter you see, take it that approach.

5. Chasing her

There’s nothing remotely cute or romantic about stalking a lady, particularly if you’re already relationship her. However in Okay-dramas, the male love curiosity will comply with the child when he needs to be at work simply because he cannot focus. Do this together with your Nigerian child first. They’ll simply block you because you wish to be scary.

6. Kissing a lady to clear her mouth

In Okay-drama, the quirky feminine protagonist could have a hint of stew on her lips. And as a substitute of his male love curiosity wiping it off with a serviette like a standard particular person, he will kiss the stain. Please don’t attempt with a Nigerian lady. Think about kissing egusi or okra soup out of somebody’s mouth. Ew.

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