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in case you are a fan of mukbang, then this one is for you. Idols are generally seen consuming scrumptious meals, both on choose TV exhibits or on their very own reside streams. And however, there’s one thing about jajangmyeon (noodles with black bean sauce) that makes your mouth water simply occupied with it. Fortunately for individuals who wish to see completely different individuals munching on their meals, this dish was consumed lots on digicam. So, listed here are some jajangmyeon moments that may fulfill your cravings, or possibly seduce you.

1. When EXO acquired a number of mukbangs from jajangmyeon

This video compilation exhibits that the EXO members are foodies within the case of jajangmyeon, and they also appear to share the identical consumption methodology: taking what seems to be a mouthful with chopsticks and swallowing it for so long as doable till now. hyperlinks again to the board. A few of them even have enjoyable with it. department (fried meals) and tangsuyuk (candy and bitter crispy pork) between bites, others mix jajangmyeon with yellow pickled radish.

2. When Woman’s Day’s Hyeri confirmed the strong of “We Received Married” her jajangmyeon consumption expertise

Talking of huge mouthfuls of jajangmyeon, Hyeri merely takes the throne. When displaying how she digs right into a plate of black bean noodles, many jaws dropped on the sight of her, opening her mouth virtually as a lot as she does to take her chosen portion. Enjoyable reality, Hong Jong Hyun has included the dish as a part of the occasion all through this episode of “We Received Married” to witness Hyeri’s personal consuming expertise.

3. When MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Shared His Personal Jajangmyeon Recipe With “Residence Alone” Strong

Hwasa went viral due to her look in “Residence Alone” the place a few of her solo actions hug her deliciously munching on her meals in such a captivating manner. Even louder, she really cooks a few of her meals, together with jajangmyeon. As soon as the noodles are ready, she offers egg yolk on excessive and combines with meatballs on the side. Her facial expressions say all of it as she takes mouthfuls one after the opposite.

4. When Kang Daniel combined jajangmyeon with an uncommon snack

Residence alone in an episode of “It is Harmful Past The Blanket”, Daniel is ravenous, and his various meal is, after all, jajangmyeon. As his solely meal of the day, he offers kimchi for his noodle bites, however the spice catches as a lot as he does, and he begins wanting weird on digicam. Shortly after, he departs for a relatively uncommon snack to assuage his model pals: gummy bears.

5. When EXID’s Hani killed jajangmyeon consuming on “Weekly Idol”

Hani is one other foodie idol who’s simply as good to observe, and this blindfolded consuming recreation in “Weekly idol” places her consuming expertise to the take a look at. A blindfolded Jackson tries to feed her a spoonful of black bean noodles. The footprint? As soon as he drops the chopsticks, she has to eat all of it by herself, palms free. Her confederate in crime retains stuffing her mouth till she will’t stand it anymore, which ends in a chaotic however hilarious scene. Whereas Hani solely had a bit of gravy in her mouth, she proved to be as a lot of an obligation as she may.

6. BTS’ Jin and RM

Throughout this reside stream, the boss and eldest member collectively acquired a meal of jajangmyeon, small speak, hysterical laughter, and occasional singing, amongst others. And far of the audible dialogue incorporates a versatile array of shopper sounds larger than something. The choice dish of the choice for every Jin and RM is dumplings that the duo swallows with a really rational portion of the noodles with each bit.

7. When Apink silently accomplished jajangmyeon on “Weekly Idol”

If you watch motion pictures of idols devouring jajangmyeon, all of them have one frequent issue: sucking sounds. Nonetheless, Apink raises the difficulty at this stage of “Weekly Idol” the place they’ve to finish the total jajangmyeon board with out making any fuss. The machine positioned close to them tells you the depth of sound contained in the room, so everybody should be fully nonetheless. Any detection above 70 decibels disqualifies members. The ultimate drawback, which is to chew a single radish, is effectively solved due to Son Naeun.

8. When TWICE’s Dahyun deliciously ate his jajangmyeon in “Ladies Who Eat Effectively”

One other idol who takes his jajangmyeon with many faceted dishes is Dahyun. The idol took half on an episode of “Ladies Who Eat Effectively,” the place she served a mukbang to reminisce, together with a touch of aegyo. Dumplings and twigs had been a part of the occasion, with sauces pouring and dipping changing into a member of the mealtime social gathering. Regardless of being fairly a fan of meals, Dahyun made little to no noise whereas consuming as she solely took a chew at every flip.

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