My research after reading how yoga is Satan’s tool. Are devil’s demons yogis?

A Republican working for Michigan Secretary of State named Kritina Karamo was endorsed by the state GOP and made headlines saying that Beyoncé, Cardi B, Korean drama and yoga are instruments of Devil.

I’ve a good friend who has been educating yoga for 50 years, so this caught my eye and I despatched her copies of articles about it. She instructed me that a long time in the past, when she was educating yoga, there have been individuals who accused her of being an agent of Devil. That alternate led me to put in writing this journal.

I am fascinated by tales about strange individuals who make the information as a result of their fringe beliefs are made public. I wrote about one in all these folks yesterday in “Trumper thinks Princess Diana and Jackie O. alive serving to to rule the world, he believes in gematria. Huh?” (right here…)

I feel the media provides an excessive amount of credence to those folks’s delusional beliefs. They need to be studied by psychological well being consultants who can discover efficient methods to deal with them. They shouldn’t be inspired by the media that unfold harmful beliefs. The exception to that is when somebody is a politician and that is why I feel the media consideration to Karamo and his delusional beliefs is justified.

Regardless of this, the Michigan Republican Social gathering has given her their endorsement and that she has connections with QAnon that they deemed appropriate to assist her candidacy. (reference:…) Take into account that “tThe most typical, and arguably crucial, position carried out by secretaries of state is to function the state’s chief electoral officer.… That is all Michigan, and the remainder of the nation, wants is somebody who shouldn’t be solely hyper-partisan but additionally delusional about having any authority over elections.

Here is an article about her from Media Issues:…



For those who begin learning different cultures, artwork, what we regularly consider as artwork, [unintelligible], “Ah, they’re doing this ritual, this dance.” These are all satanic rituals. This isn’t simply dancing to bop. It is summoning a demon. Even yoga. The phrase yoga actually means yoke of Brahman. So individuals are pondering they’re exercising, no, you are truly doing it, a satanic ritual and you do not even realize it. And it turns into from our very materialistic worldview that has seeped into each nook of our lives that somebody might be working towards a demonic ritual open in entrance of our faces and we’ll be like, “Oh wow, this should be just a few sort of tradition dance.” Like, it isn’t a cultural dance, it is a demonic ceremony. What do you’ve gotten? However folks do not perceive that. It is as a result of our worldview is so distorted.

I feel the educational examine of why folks consider unusual issues is a worthy endeavor, however typically an efficient solution to cope with the pronouncements that come from these folks is to mock them with satire. It will not change any of their minds, it might require in depth psychotherapy if not medicine. The aim so far as persuasion is anxious is to make it tougher for sane Republican politicians to distance themselves from these folks.

For my tread on the slippery slope of satire:

I reviewed a number of photos of Devil and observed that if you’re predisposed to consider such issues, you might discover him depicted doing yoga, as in my journal illustration of him doing the well-known Satan Canine or main his demons in yoga:

The yoga model of the Satan’s Chair has you sitting on a two-headed serpent whereas devouring a demon that could not fairly grasp the Formidable face pose.

Take into account this text on easy methods to do yoga and worship Devil: thehardtimes.internet/…


Excerpt: Many take into account yoga simply to enhance their flexibility, regulate digestion, and create a stronger connection to the core. However some practitioners discover that the tranquility of yoga makes it simpler to neglect their devotion to Lucifer the Fallen. To precise your connection to the ruler of darkness, strive renaming some yoga poses throughout your classes. As an alternative of “saluting the solar”, you and your colleagues can carry out “burn the revelations”. As an alternative of “triangle pose”, you may carry out “pentagram level” and the descending canine is now “hell canine sleeping”.

Along with renaming the strikes in glory to the Historic Serpent, listed below are some frequent practices we have discovered useful in selling a extra excellent union between the soul and all that’s unholy and vile:

– Flip issues up by working your total routine in inverted Aramaic

– When selecting a spot to observe yoga, select a spot that forestalls a baptism from going down

– Strive utilizing the still-warm blood of your defeated enemies as a substitute of a mat.

That is from the Temple of Devil web site:…


It can be crucial that the Satanic Templars are bodily very important and loaded with Vi Diaboli if they’re to grow to be members of our satanic race. This Trial requires you to reveal your Vi by performing a few of our Templar Satanic Yoga workouts. After working towards them every day for a while, carry out the “Satan’s Kriya” set of yoga poses described in “Temple of Devil: The Satan’s Disciples”.

These beliefs are a wrinkle within the convoluted world of conspiracy theories that permeated the Trump period, whose personal conspiracy beliefs largely needed to do with “The Huge Lie” and his precise election victory. There are those that have beliefs suggestive of getting a delusional psychiatric dysfunction. They span the vary of house lasers and harmful pizza parlors, to all beliefs held by the QAnon adherents which have just lately grow to be a bit mainstream with the Gov. DeSantis implying that Disney promotes abusive and worse baby indoctrination.

There’s little probability that Trump or DeSantis will deny the claims made by individuals who consider that these like me, who’ve labored with sufferers with severe psychological sickness, used to pay attention when our sufferers stopped taking their medicine. In any case, they signify sufficient of their base to sway elections in some states.

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