The Prophet and Good Character in the Quran: IOK Ramadan Reflections Series #29

Allah ﷻ commends the Prophet ﷺ within the Quran saying: “And you might be actually of a superb commonplace of character.” Allah ﷻ He’s even describing the Prophet ﷺ as having the very best, lovely and superb character. That is seen in each facet of the Prophet’s life ﷺ.

The significance of akhlāq, or good character, in Islam can’t be overstated. In right this moment’s society, when an individual thinks of faith, he thinks of guidelines and rules, restrictions and devotional acts of worship. Even Muslims are responsible of limiting Islam to devotional acts of worship. Usually, when an individual hears the phrase Islam, he mechanically thinks of praying, fasting, doing charity and studying the Quran. These devotional acts of worship are a elementary a part of Islam as a lifestyle, however they aren’t the one half. In actual fact, our success is just not in prayers, fasting, charity or hajj. Slightly, it’s good manners together with these acts of worship.

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The Prophet ﷺ himself described the development of excellent manners as the explanation he was despatched as a Prophet. “I used to be despatched solely to good good character” (Haythami, Majma’ al-Zawā’id9:18). By this assertion the Prophet ﷺ defined that one of many major functions of his mission was to enhance good character. Curiously, the acts of worship that had been prescribed in Islam assist an individual to construct good character.

Akhlāq is just not merely some manners or qualities; quite, it’s a group of commendable traits and qualities that an individual possesses. For instance, generosity, tolerance, forgiveness, clemency, chastity, justice, kindness, humility, justice, mercy, kindness, honesty and bravado. That’s the reason when an individual is well mannered and respectful to others, humble and sort to the poor and needy, he’s exhibiting good character.

The Prophet ﷺ all through his life emphasised the significance of getting a great character each in speech and in deeds. The Prophet ﷺ mentioned: “Probably the most full believers within the religion are those that have one of the best character” (Abū Dāwūd, okay al-Sunnah, B. al-dalil ʿalā ziyādah al-īmān wa nuqṣānihī4682). When requested what actions will lead folks to Paradise, the Prophet ﷺ replied: “God-consciousness and good character” ( Tirmidhi, okay Al-birr wa al-ṣilah ʿan rasūlillah ﷺ, B. Mā jā’a fī ḥusn al-khuluq2004). When he was sending Muʿādh (ra) as governor to Yemen, he ﷺ reminded him, “and present good manners in coping with others” ( Tirmidhi, okay Al-birr wa al-ṣilah ʿan rasūlillah ﷺ, B. Mā jā’a fī mu’āsharah al-nās1987).

The Prophet ﷺ not solely inspired others to have good character, but additionally confirmed them the best way to do it in observe. The Prophet ﷺ himself had one of the best character. Something he mentioned concerning the character he practiced himself. Allah ﷻ addressed the Prophet ﷺ saying: “And verily you (Muḥammad) are of a excessive commonplace of character” ( 68:4 – وَإِنَّكَ لَعَلَىٰ خُلُقٍ عَظِيمٍ). Something the Qur’an talked about in relation to character, the Prophet ﷺ embodied it. That’s the reason when ʿĀishah (ra) was requested concerning the character of the Prophet ﷺ, she mentioned: “His character was the Qur’an” (Bukhari, al-Adab al-Mufrad308). Actually, he was a Quran strolling and speaking.

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